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Fostering Innovation in Startups: Kevin Dooley’s Insightful Leadership at kedoo.io

In the vibrant business landscape of Rochester, NY, leaders and visionaries strive to reshape their respective industries with innovative approaches and cutting-edge solutions. Among these leaders is Kevin Dooley, the Founder of kedoo.io, a distinguished business consulting firm that provides strategic and tactical support to startups and established enterprises alike. Who is Kevin Dooley? Kevin…

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Unlocking Healthcare Savings: Meet Jeff McCormack and His Revolutionary Insurtech Venture, Iryss

In the vibrant landscape of Rochester, NY, we find a fusion of dynamic businesses and resilient entrepreneurs. This rich tapestry of innovation is what makes our city so special, and today, we turn our spotlight to a particularly inspiring figure in our community – Jeff McCormack, the Co-founder and CEO of Iryss. Iryss: Revolutionizing Healthcare…

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Rochester’s Healthcare Innovator: A Closer Look at EmmiTec.Health – Featuring Emilio Machado

In the vibrant city of Rochester, New York, businesses aren’t merely about transactions and profits. They’re about making an impact and changing lives. Today, we turn the spotlight on another inspiring leader from our beloved Rochester: Emilio Machado, the founder and president of EmmiTec.Health. “Empowering individuals with knowledge and bridging the gap in healthcare diagnostics…

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