Rochester’s Healthcare Innovator: A Closer Look at EmmiTec.Health – Featuring Emilio Machado

In the vibrant city of Rochester, New York, businesses aren’t merely about transactions and profits. They’re about making an impact and changing lives. Today, we turn the spotlight on another inspiring leader from our beloved Rochester: Emilio Machado, the founder and president of EmmiTec.Health.

“Empowering individuals with knowledge and bridging the gap in healthcare diagnostics is not just our business; it’s our passion. At EmmiTec.Health, we believe that understanding your health status is the first step towards a healthier tomorrow, and together, we’re transforming healthcare, one diagnosis at a time.” – Emilio Machado

EmmiTec.Health: Making a Difference from Rochester to the World

EmmiTec.Health stands as a testament to Rochester’s commitment to innovation and compassion. Providing a comprehensive suite of virtual healthcare services, they are dedicated to their mission of making top-tier healthcare accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

But the organization’s endeavors extend beyond the confines of healthcare provision. They also strive to support healthcare professionals, offering a comprehensive repository of up-to-date medical resources, clinical guidelines, and research. This mission empowers healthcare providers to stay updated on the latest advancements, enabling them to make informed decisions for their patients.

Healthcare Advice Straight from Rochester’s Own

Emilio Machado’s vast expertise in the healthcare sector, cultivated in the heart of Rochester, has led him to share invaluable tips that are relevant to both individuals and healthcare professionals. He emphasizes the critical role of proactive participation in one’s healthcare journey, advising people to take control, ask questions, and fully understand their treatment options.

Emilio is a strong advocate for leveraging technology in healthcare, highlighting digital tools like remote patient monitoring, a feature seamlessly integrated into EmmiTec.Health’s platform. This technology enables healthcare professionals to monitor patients’ health data in real time, leading to personalized care and early intervention.

EmmiTec.Health: A Beacon of Hope

From their home base in Rochester, EmmiTec.Health is making waves across the globe. Their partnership with Fundación Vive Más in Venezuela is a testament to their commitment. Using their advanced technology platform, they’ve revolutionized patient care in underserved communities, significantly reducing consultation wait times and improving the quality of care.

Their impact is nothing short of extraordinary. In partnership with Fundación Vive Más, they’ve conducted over 3,415 consultations and served more than 2,439 patients, powered by a dedicated team of over 133 volunteers.

EmmiTec.Health encapsulates the spirit of Rochester businesses – dedicated, innovative, and compassionate. In Emilio’s words, “Together, we’re transforming healthcare, one diagnosis at a time.”

As we celebrate the achievements of Rochester businesses and their contributions worldwide, we couldn’t be prouder to feature EmmiTec.Health in our blog. They are a beacon of hope, showing us that businesses in Rochester can make a world of difference.


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As we conclude, let’s remember that our businesses in Rochester, NY, are not just contributing to our local economy, but they’re also making waves across the globe. We are proud to celebrate their contributions and look forward to showcasing more exceptional Rochester businesses that are making a difference. Stay tuned!


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