Revolutionizing Cancer Care: The Journey of Eric Snyder and Wilmot Cancer Institute

In the dynamic landscape of Rochester, New York, stand businesses and professionals that have etched their name into their respective industries through innovation and leadership. One such remarkable leader is Eric Snyder, the Director of Informatics at the Wilmot Cancer Institute, affiliated with the University of Rochester.

Who is Eric Snyder?

Eric Snyder is an accomplished leader in the healthcare industry, spearheading a diverse team of developers, architects, UI/UX designers, machine learning and AI experts, project managers, and clinical specialists. His team is known for crafting cutting-edge applications that fortify the Cancer Center’s objective of preventing and conquering cancer through scientific innovation, exceptional patient care, educational endeavors, and community outreach initiatives.

Wilmot Cancer Institute: A Hub for Technological Innovation in Cancer Care

Located in Rochester, New York, the Wilmot Cancer Institute stands as a testament to the combined power of technology and healthcare. Eric’s team of diverse professionals works tirelessly to support the Institute’s goals, providing the backbone for the technological innovations that drive the Institute’s breakthroughs in cancer research, treatment, and patient care.

One key focus of Eric’s team is the development of comprehensive applications. These intricate applications not only streamline processes but also facilitate the procurement of substantial grant funding. The team’s efforts have led to the publication of over 20 peer-reviewed papers that underscore their technological achievements and advancements, highlighting the tangible impact of their work on the institute’s mission.

Changing the Healthcare Industry Landscape

Eric’s approach to technology in healthcare is unique. He believes innovation involves challenging the status quo and changing the way things are done. His top tips for those stepping into the realm of healthcare technology include understanding databases and data structures and learning SQL. He encourages individuals with technological expertise to pursue roles in the field, even if they lack a clinical background.

Harnessing the Power of Diverse Backgrounds and Knowledge

Eric advocates for diversity and the inclusion of tacit knowledge in the workforce. His innovative hiring approach prioritizes the unique knowledge and skills individuals possess, over formal qualifications. He points to the success of a geospatial platform project as a testament to the power of diverse backgrounds and knowledge.

Promoting Innovation through R&D Teams

Eric strongly believes in the need for Research and Development (R&D) innovation teams within the healthcare industry. Despite the unconventional practice, he stands firm in his belief that organizations greatly benefit from dedicated innovation teams. His own R&D team has led to multiple publications, prestigious grants, and the development of a custom data interoperability and analytics engine named ‘Hyperion’.

Creating Impact and Driving Innovation

Under Eric’s leadership, the informatics team at Wilmot Cancer Institute has proven to be a groundbreaking force in healthcare technology. Their dedication to advancing cancer research and enhancing patient care underscores the institute’s commitment to changing lives. The developments brought about by this team, from Hyperion to the geospatial platform, have earned them national attention, prestigious awards, and recognition for their innovative approach to healthcare technology.

Envisioning a Future of Innovation and Inclusion

Eric’s vision of the future of healthcare technology is one that embraces the power of diverse experiences and skills, transcending traditional barriers. He aims for an inclusive, innovative healthcare technology landscape, inherently capable of addressing the complex challenges of modern healthcare.

Rochester is privileged to be home to leaders like Eric Snyder, whose pioneering efforts are driving advancements in healthcare technology and influencing a new generation of leaders. His innovative leadership and commitment to inclusion serve as examples of the limitless potential of our city and its people.


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