How To Turn Prospects Into Buyers With 3 Simple Strategies

Wooing prospects is a little bit like dating. No, you can’t present the engagement ring on your first date! And you definitely don’t want to coerce or pressure them, not okay! There’s a two-way relationship that grows one step at a time before it leads to wedding bells. You can’t rush a good thing. Especially If you’re looking for the satisfaction of a life-long commitment. Which is what you truly want, right?

My goal: your “dream partner” will be kissing you the moment you walk through the door!

Getting to know your prospects takes a little time and effort. Everyone has a different personality, temperament, and interests. Not to overwhelm you, but it’s your job to adapt and connect with your prospects. If and when you give them what they want, they’ll become the loyal, lifetime customers that help make your career prosper.

Let’s get started!

1: Don’t Sell… Let Your Prospects Buy!

It’s 2021 guys, the script has been flipped. People like to make empowered and informed decisions. Listen; no one wants a pushy salesperson! A salesperson, or in reality, just a “person,” who “HELPS” prospects discover the best bang for their buck, is a superhero.

Seriously, when a prospect initiates a conversation with you about doing business, they are likely thinking of making a purchase already. You don’t have to persuade them or be pushy. You can take it easy and simply help them decide what the best investment is.

Even if you initially contacted them or they never said they want to buy, be calm, be informative, be an EMPOWERED EXPERT. Be a pathfinder. Be a guide.

Keep your focus on the prospect and their needs. Think… what benefits would they be most interested in? What products fit best for them?

Me personally, I just ask them honestly if there is a budget in place. And I am quickly transparent about investment costs.

Basically, keep in mind that you are meant to SERVE… Low pressure; be an expert, and you’ll work with the right people! Guarantee it

2: Instill Confidence In Your Prospect!

The question most buyers will at some point ask themselves is… “Is it worth it?”

Hey, it’s a legitimate question.

The world is full of scams where you spend your hard-earned cash and end up with trash. We’ve all been burned. And a lot of businesses are all talk and no show! It’s 2021; let’s keep it real; We all want to buy from someone we trust.

A money-back guarantee alleviates a significant amount of concern in the mind of the consumer. There’s peace in knowing that if the product doesn’t live up to its claims, they aren’t tied to a bill for a piece of junk.

Another option, a free trial, let them try the product out! Give a free estimate. Or, in my case, simply put, I don’t force anyone into a long-term contract. I handle each relationship on a month-to-month basis.

Looking for an easy way to start instilling confidence, even if you have no way to give your product away for free? Customer testimonials clearly tell “would be” buyers that you really do deliver customer satisfaction. No one can say it better than a satisfied customer, but don’t carelessly use testimonials. You need a method to your madness. Pick clear and specific testimonials to use, and include as much about the client as possible to lend credence to his or her testimony. If you have the wherewithal,

I recommend putting together a video campaign for your testimonials. People will relate to others, and video testimonials aren’t just nameless, faceless reviews; they are more genuine.

3: Make Your Process Easy!

Keep it simple. Make it easy. No one wants to jump through hoops. Look at; 2-day shipping, free shipping, amazing discounts. Shoot, we’re not, and we probably don’t want to be.

So we need to get creative. Make the buying process as simple as you possibly can. Remember that not everyone prefers the same method. The more options you have, the better. Tailor your approach.

When planning your marketing campaign, don’t forget to point out your product’s best, unique, and proven benefits. Remember that providing value is everything. It’s pretty easy to satisfy your customers when you know what they like!

Remember strategies one and two? If you’ve educated your prospect and instilled confidence in them, the last step is just making sure your sales cycle is easy. Again, make the process easy!

Keep these all in mind.

Don’t sell; let people buy.

Instill confidence so people know you’re a credible business person.

And make sure you have multiple products, lots of options, and a straightforward process.

Don’t make anyone jump through hoops. Be someone worth working with. And don’t be pushy or needy. Embed these mindsets and watch your sales soar!

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